Best Tip Ever for Dealing with Objections in Sales

I get asked this question every time I present on sales. What’s the best way to handle the objection on?

The hardest working sales guys and gals get real good at some of the old Tom Hopkins objection handling techniques like, apart from the price, is there anything else stopping you going ahead today? They have a repertoire of objection handling responses up their sleeves to turn the sales situation around in their favour. To me this is the old style sales process and things have moved on since the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s where these tactics may well have worked.

Modern sales is not about painting someone into a corner, it’s about following a process whereby people understand what is about to happen, are kept in the process and comfortable with the process right from the “get go”. I have blogged previously about intention statements and making sure that your prospect is clear about the process. Your process (sales system or scripts) then need to be designed to overcome and deal with all the objections possible.

What I mean is, firstly you need to sit with your team and list out all the objections possible. Your sales team have been dealing with these for years and will be able to recite them straight off the cuff. Then go about building your sales process such that you proactively deal with each objection. If you deal with these up front then the decision at the end is real simple. In other words your close rate will increase as you are no longer dealing with objections at the end, you have covered them right the way through the presentation.

So, get to it, start looking at all the objections you get and then build them into your sales process!

— Si

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