How to deal with the old “Christmas is Coming” objection…

How many times have you heard from a prospect something like this – “this all sounds great, just let me get through the Christmas period, in fact why don’t you call me mid January”.  This one used to get me every time!

Here’s what I say when this old gem comes up – “Well Mr prospect, here’s the funny thing about Christmas.  You are usually rushed off your feet delivering, serving or just coping with the silly season, so you have no time but the cash flow is great.  When things quieten down mid January, you have lots of time on your hands and the cash dries up, so really there never is a good time to get started”.

When I talk to retailers around this time they are genuinely busy.  I ask them what would happen if we could lift their average sales during the busiest time of the year?  Most times I can justify the investment with that one strategy alone.  With the manufacturing crowd, it’s the best time to plan for the next year while the factory is closed and your pre-Christmas deliveries are complete.

Either way you have to be able to let your clients know that Christmas comes and goes, so too does Easter, school holidays, tax time…  Clients will always find a way to delay the sales process, your job as a professional sales person is to help your client know that whatever it is you are selling will benefit them RIGHT NOW! Don’t let people off the hook, its your job to control the sales process, not theirs.

Recognise that there is always going to be a delay mechanism and make sure you have a comeback or a strong reason as to why they should be buying your product or service right now.

— Si

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