Top 5 Telemarketing Secrets Revealed

Top 5 Telemarketing Secrets Revealed

I’ve called thousands of prospects over the years and in that time I have learnt a few tips I thought you might like to see.

  1. You have to have a great opening line to grab attention.  I hate it when people ask me – “how are you today?”.  It puts me right into “defensive mode” – what is this person trying to sell me? Make a simple statement like – “thanks for taking my call [name], [pause] the reason for my call is…” and make sure you have a great reason to interrupt that persons day.
  2. Your tone of voice is everything. Watch you intonation and make sure you use a strong voice, not one that raises in intonation at the end of the sentence like a teenager describing something to their friend.
  3. Have a strong objective for the call, in other words – why are you calling!  Have a compelling reason for that person to listen to your offer, cut to the point, tell them the top reasons why your clients buy / use your product / service.  You have to get their attention real quick.
  4. Dealing with the gate-keeper…  Just tell them “it’s [name] here for John is he in?”.  Use a flat intonation and be short and sharp.  When she asks “will he know what this is about?” you say “he should do”, now of course this is a play on words because you’re reckoning he should know what it is all about and she thinks from your comment that he should already know! Interesting isn’t it.
  5. You have to have some form of motivation to get through your call list.  I use the old trick of calculating the average sale value and working out my conversion rate.  In other words, if your average sales is $100 and you sell 1 in 10 over the phone, you have to have 9 people say no before the 10th says yes.  Then working it back, every time someone says “NO” I have effectively earned $10, so its great when someone actually turns me down!

There’s a start, I’ll continue with the list in a later post.

— Si Harris

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