YOUR SALES INTENSIVE: How’s the life-blood of your business? 

Your revenue is the life-blood of your business. Without a strong and stable revenue line, we cannot consistently beat break-even and pursue growth. Without strong revenues, we fail to meet expenses and ultimately our business dies!  

As strategists, we see so many regional businesses plateau and perform far under their true revenue potential... So many business owners settle for less!  

Investors will look closely at the systems and proven strategies you have in-play to maintain and build your underlying revenue. For most, this is where the rigour is lacking.  

So "Optimising Your Sales" will be the focus at the upcoming Intensive.

"The reason for EVERY small business failure is lack of SALES!" – Simon Harris


Because as owners, we are yet to learn the new theory for business development. We are yet to truly master the latest concepts that see us create a structured, repeatable process that delivers a unique client experience to both new and returning customers and secures the strength of our businesses top-line. 


Join us at the next Client Intensive and master the fundamentals of new-age sales and marketing strategy for small business, including:  

  • How to create a structured, and repeatable sales pathway".
  • How to improve your sales conversion.  
  • How to complete your company’s unique client experience and strengthen your client retention, then  
  • How to amplify lead generation strategies and drive new enquiry to your business.

Meet Your Host

Jeremy Hutchings  

Co-founder, The Academy

Si Harris  

Co-founder, The Academy