About You

About You

This is not about us.

This is about you and your business. We are only here because we know your potential. We have been actively involved in regional communities and businesses for many years, and we have experienced your unrivalled spirit time and time again.

We have also seen your struggle. We actually know your struggle very well. For so many of you, this struggle has been constant. Despite all your efforts, we have seen how your businesses have failed. We have seen how this has ripped your families apart.

As it turns out, you are not alone. 71, 700 small, regional businesses fail every year. These businesses never get the opportunity to flourish. The gifts that these businesses have to offer are never shared with the world.

We know this has not been easy for you. We know what it is like to get caught up in the day-to-day running of business. And we know that, in the midst of the struggle, it is easy to forget just how valuable you are.

You are valuable.

Even without knowing the ins and outs of your business, there is much to celebrate. As a small, regional business, you are already ahead. You are gifted. You bring so much value.

This is what we see in you.

The care you have is unrivalled. In an increasingly digital world, this sets you apart. You leave no-one behind. You always take the extra step for your clients. This refreshing sense of connection is so valuable.

Innovation is in your DNA. Regional people have been revered the world over for their innovation. In 2017, regional businesses scored a higher innovation rating than their metro peers (CBA Regional Business Insights Report, 2017).

You are nimble. You adapt quickly. This is a massive advantage because adaptation does not come as easily for big businesses. In a fast paced digital world, your ability to adapt will continue to set you apart.

You give it a go. This is perhaps what is most valuable about you and your business. You are prepared to put in the hard work. You are prepared to take on new challenges. You just give it a go.

And we want to thank you. We want to thank you for all that you have done up until now. We want to acknowledge you for everything you have done – all the hard work, the struggles, and the successes. You have worked tirelessly. And now …

You are ready.

Perhaps you are tired. Perhaps you have plateaued in your growth. Perhaps you do not know what you can do next. You have worked so hard. And now it is time for a change. It is time for transformation.

Transformation is a state of metamorphosis. You evolve your business and the old falls away. This is challenging because letting go of the familiar is uncomfortable. You enter the unknown.

With courage, you start to see a new way – a way without struggle. Your business begins to stabilize, and so do you. You see that you now have the foundations to support yourself and your family. You feel more ease.

And then your business evolves again.

With resilient foundations, your business increases in scale. You start to positively impact your local community, starting with the lives of your employees and their families. You feel greater fulfilment.

You cannot go back. You cannot stop. After all, this is metamorphosis.

Your business reaches maximum scale. You are totally fulfilled. And because your business is financially liberated, you start to leave your own mark on the world. You teach others how you did it. You become a philanthropist.

You change your world from regional Australia.

And we are with you the whole way.

At the Regional Entrepreneur Academy, we take businesses, just like yours, on the journey from survival to significance.

With our support, you will receive all the knowledge and skills needed to create change in your world.


Do you keep saying “Next year will be different”? You know you have to change and now there is nothing stopping you. Enquire now!

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