Are You a Hunter or a Farmer?

Si Harris –

Sales is a tough but rewarding role. One that will challenge you from every angle, your tenacity, your will to succeed, your internal strength, your perception of people, your internal motivation and so much more. On the other hand, if you pass these tests the rewards are incredible.So, two types of sales people, the Hunter and the Farmer, which one are you? The two are about as opposite as night and day! Think about it this way, would you rather answer inbound sales enquiries or go out and talk to people to generate your own enquiries?? Farmers wait for the phone to ring, work in call centres, wait for the fax machine to ring and catch the order before it hits the floor, work in retail where clients walk in or, become client relationship managers.

Hunters usually fend for themselves, generate their own leads, have networks that go where they go, knock on doors, master the phone and email communication tools, ignore rejection and are able to keep plowing on no matter what.

So we have two different animals here….

You get to make your mind up. Clearly the rewards are in proportion to the amount of work / risk that you take. Hunters generally get paid 3 times what Farmers earn!

Of course there are the cross breeds and these are people who have a client base assigned to them and are required to not only manage revenues from that base but also drive new opportunities within the base.

Rem plans reflect the three roles and this is the interesting part. When I recruit Hunters, I offer them three remuneration structures. 1. Comm only 2. A Small base and good comms 3. A high base and low comms. The rem plan options are presented and which ever they choose tells me straight away which of the three they are within themselves. In other words, who they see themselves as. This gets to the answer right off the bat. If someone joins my business as a hunter and chooses the high base/low comms option, this tells me I will have to manager their activity daily until they reach target.

So, which are you? Which are you recruiting? Do your rem plans reflect the role?

I would like to hear your feedback on this issue. If you are employed or employing either way let me have your comments on what works for you.

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