Federer Outsources Tennis Game!

Federer Outsources Tennis Game!

What on earth would you think if this headline was in fact true?  Why would he do that? In the Roger Federer Corporation, he is the best person to do that particular job! Who would turn up to see someone else hit the ball, it’s him we go to see or turn on the TV to watch.

The analogy I am getting to is this: so many times I see small businesses struggling to make sales.  When they started, the owner was the one out there generating new business, over time he got busy doing stuff and hired a salesperson to step in to do the “hitting” while the owner handled things back in the office.


You, as the owner, are the best qualified to get out there and grow your business, don’t outsource this to a less qualified person and then stand back and wonder why the crowds no longer show up to watch.  Hire someone to do the back office work, the book work, the admin at $25/hour, your job is to hit the damn ball and generate $000’s of dollars per hour!

Stop being lazy and get back on the court – HIT THE BALL…

— Si Harris

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