The Hardest Profession on the Planet

The Hardest Profession on the Planet

That’s my take on sales and selling.  Where else are you expected on a daily basis to go out there, call on people who don’t know that they need what it is you have to sell, get rejected, hung up on, gate kept, ignored, given every excuse under the sun as to why they cannot afford your product or service, deal with rejection – and still be expected to do it over again the very next day?!

Well to an average sales person, this is life.  Whether you sell cars, stationery, life insurance or houses, ALL average sales people go through this routine DAILY.  They prospect, cold call, followup leads, answer RFI’s and tenders, write proposal and quotes, telemarket, answer queries and even have to make a quota to keep their job.

Still reckon you want to get into sales??

There is s flip side of course and thats the above average or the top 5 – 10% of sales professionals.  These people have earned their stripes, they have done the hard yards, been rejected more times than you could imagine, learnt more closing techniques, closed more times, read more books, spent more hours in front of a mirror or a camera practicing, attended more seminars, had a coach / mentor, tried more approaches, made more calls. In other words – they chose to become a sales professional not to stay a sales amateur!

The biggest asset one has in sales is yourself, what are you doing to stay sharp and ahead of the game?  I have spent well over $250,000 in the last 20+ years learning the art of sales.  It’s why I close more than others.  I set a goal some 8 years ago to be the number 1 sales person in the Worlds #1 Business Coaching franchise, last year I achieved that goal.  Now I want to know how I reach the lofty heights of the likes of  Joe Girard, the current world record holder for sales.

What are you prepared to do to achieve the top in your field?

— Si Harris

Do you keep saying “Next year will be different”? You know you have to change and now there is nothing stopping you. Enquire now!

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