Jeremy Hutchings

Over the years, Jeremy has seen his fair share of regional businesses face adversity. He’s seen many regional businesses struggle to survive, let alone prosper. At the same time, he’s also seen regional businesses thrive because of their unmatched strength, resilience and courage in trying times.

For Jeremy, there has always been something special about regional business. He has seen firsthand the passion and care of the people that own and run regional businesses. And he has watched how regional businesses will take extra steps to be there for their clients.

Jeremy has also witnessed and been apart of the innovative spirit of regional communities for a long time. Together with the team at The Regional Entrepreneur Academy, Jeremy has recognised that, in these evolving times, regional business can lead.

With the right support, Jeremy believes regional business can do much more than survive – it can prosper. This is why he is now focused on maximising regional business success. In Jeremy’s words:

“I know that we all have the potential to achieve greater levels of success if we have someone by our side supporting us. I really get excited about working with others because I know that the principles I am privileged enough to have learned, over a decade of study with leading global authorities, and have shared with over 300 regional business families, really can help others.”

There has never been a better time in history for regional business. With technology and the digital age, regional business can change the world. Regional businesses can scale their businesses and thrive. The potential is unlimited.

With a focus on change management, team performance, financial and operational performance structures, strategy, systems and operations efficiency, Jeremy works with owners and CEOs to successfully build and, in some cases, sell growth businesses.

For Jeremy, it is all about helping business owners move from chaos to control and achieve a real sense of balance between business, family and personal wellbeing. To quote Jeremy:

“I really do believe that it has never been more possible to launch and scale a global business from right here in regional Australia and I’m excited to work with businesses and help them achieve enormous success.”

A bit more about Jeremy:

As a young boy, Jeremy set up a stand on the side of the Olympic Highway and sold freshly cooked yabbies he had caught. At the age of nine, he built over 100 aerials and sold them to local farming families so that they could get a 3rd and 4th TV channel (WIN and Ten). And, as a teenager, he would spend all his spare-time working on the family farm or other local farms.

Jeremy’s also experienced the big city corporate world. After working in Pitt Street, Sydney, Jeremy found himself isolated, burnt-out and disillusioned. In Jeremy’s words, he was “dealing with the souless grind of the corporate beast” and knew he “had a bigger role to play,” and so moved back to the country where he could “deal with real people, real money, and real opportunities and challenges.”

Jeremy and the team at The Regional Entrepreneur Academy support regional businesses to prepare for scale and then exit. With fifteen (15) years experience mentoring emerging business leaders and their teams across Australia, Jeremy delivers cutting edge knowledge and success principles inspired by some of the greatest business minds of this century.

Business strategy90%
Business leadership80%
Business educator90%
Business growth champion80%

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