Simon Harris

Simon (or Si, for short) has been passionate about regional business for as long as he can remember. He has a deep admiration for the spirit of regional business owners, and their willingness to give it a go. He’s also watched, and been amazed with, how regional businesses will go the extra mile to look after their clients.

Si recognises first and foremost that every individual and every business is unique. In Si’s words:

“Every client is different and each has a unique set of circumstances that has lead them to this point in their lives.”

He understands the importance of understanding who the client is, what makes them tick, and what causes them to struggle.

As a committed mentor, Si knows that regional business owners can often get stuck. He knows that, when business is struggling, other areas of life can be impacted, including marriage and family life. Si is deeply passionate about supporting regional business owners through these challenges. Why? Because Si has lived through and seen the impact of these challenges himself.

Si also believes that now is the most exciting time for regional businesses. As Si has observed:

“Regional Australia is growing fast! There’s lots of investment in things like fast train links, widened freeways and the NBN. Our regional towns are expanding and they aren’t as isolated anymore. There’s lots of opportunities for regional businesses to access markets right around the world. It’s an amazing time.”

And Si’s sentiments about the growth potential for regional business have been echoed. In early 2017, the Commonwealth Bank released its “Regional Business Insights Report,” which found that regional Australian businesses are more innovative than their city peers. Regional businesses can be the leaders, and Si is committed to supporting owners and CEOs to realise their full potential.

In Si’s eyes, regional business doesn’t have to be a struggle. He has seen so many marriages and families break apart because of the pressures and stresses of running a small business. And, as a young boy, he watched as his parents’ small business ripped the family apart. Because of this heartbreaking experience, Si is passionate about creating regional businesses that positively impact all aspects of life.

A bit more about Si:

Si grew up in a small business family. At the age of 40, Si’s father made the decision to leave the corporate world, and to start a business supplying paper to printers. Si’s father completely shook up the market because he offered overnight delivery of stock, saving the printers from having to place their orders three months in advance. The business was an instant success and grew quickly as a result.

Inspired by his father, Si showed an affinity for business with one of his first jobs washing cars. Eventually, Si joined his father in the paper business and then, after his graduation with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing, became a management trainee at BHP. Si then started his own small business, and received mentoring to make it a success.

After seeing the impact of the mentoring he received, Si came to the realisation that it was his calling to help others as well. And, since then, he hasn’t looked back. Since 2003, Si has delivered thousands of stage, training and facilitation hours to hundreds of clients across seven countries including 3,500 coaching sessions and 400 keynote speeches.

Si is a co-founder of The Regional Entrepreneur Academy, and brings a huge range of practical and applicable knowledge to the table. Notably, five of Si’s clients have been nominated for the My Business Magazine Fastest Growing Business Award. Go forward, Si looks forward to continuing to support regional business owners unlock their potential and feel more peace in their marriages and family lives.

Re-setting people’s sales processes90%
Creating the ideal client experience 90%
Managing 5 children under 11 years40%
Chasing the white ball around50%
Helping people realise their potential80%
Setting crystal clear 90-day plans100%
Champion wine taster80%
Lawn mowing guru70%

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